How to put phone on laptop to achieve double screen interaction?

In daily work, we often need to look at the mobile phone and the computer at the same time to work, but ordinary brackets only enable the mobile phone to stand on the table, so that our eyes and neck will feel tired and our work efficiency will be low.

New Upgraded Laptop Phone Holder – Phone holder for Laptop or desktop monitor. Fitting for all kind of flat computer display, easily view text messages or answer calls at work, enjoying dual screen at the same time, improve office efficiency.

Magnetic Expansion Bracket – It can hold your cell phone to monitor or laptop to get multi-display computing experience, extend your screen, increase your productivity, Perform multitasking. Even if the phone is in silent mode, you will not miss any important information.

Easy to Use – Phone holder for laptop monitor use magnetic design, which can firmly adsorb the mobile phone next to the laptop or display. It is very simple to install, carry and use. Easily perform multiple tasks between phone and laptop without picking up the phone.

Widely Compatibility – Magnetic phone stand Universal Compatible with 4-8 inches Smartphone. (Designed for iPhone 13/12 series, other brands phones or phone cases need to be used with magnetic metal plate.)

Lightweight & Portable – This magnetic laptop phone holder is made of high quality lightweight aluminum alloy material, small volume, can be folded in a portable thin size, save space, easy to carry anywhere, is the ideal choice for travel, analysis, business travel.

About this aluminum alloy foldable extension laptop,f you want to sample test, please click here:

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